Gen3 Community Forum Agenda October 10-12, 2022

Gen3 Community Forum Agenda {Draft}

October 10-12, 2022 (US)/October 11-13 (AU/NZ)

The forum will meet for three days, three hours each day, and will include presentations from various Gen3 operators, developers, and breakout sessions to craft ideas for new features.

Day 1

Time Topic
4:00-5:00pm CDT Tour of Gen3 Data Commons and Meshes
5:00-6:00pm CDT Tour of Gen3 Workspaces and Applications
6:00-6:30pm CDT Gen3 Roadmap
6:30-7:00pm CDT Gen3 Roadmap Discussion

Day 2

Time Topic
4:00-4:30pm CDT Gen3 Community
4:30-5:00pm CDT Q&A with Discussion
5:00-7:00pm CDT Community Presentations

Day 3

Time Topic
4:00-4:15pm CDT Introduction to Gen3 Feature Breakout Sessions
4:15-5:15pm CDT Breakout Sessions
5:15-6:00pm CDT Reports from Breakout Sessions
6:00-6:15pm CDT Overview of Future Community Development Structure
6:15-7:00pm CDT Discussion of Future Community Development
  • Community Manager
  • Management of prioritized feature description documents
  • Monthly calls
  • Slack community channel
  • Newsletter