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Gen3 Framework Services

The Gen3 Framework Services are a minimal set of software services that provide open APIs for indexing data objects, associating metadata with the data objects, and controlling user access to data via a robust and flexible access control policy engine.

Object Indexing

The Gen3 data object indexing service mints permanent digital IDs, called data GUIDs (globally unique IDs), for data objects. The service tracks the physical locations and hash of every asset (file) in the data commons object store. The Gen3 platform includes landing pages which support FAIR descriptions of the data objects.

User Authentication and Authorization

The Gen3 Framework Services include software services for user authentication and fine-grained authorization to services, metadata, and data objects via a flexible access control policy engine. Gen3 utilizes OpenID Connect for providing AuthN services with AuthZ specified on a per commons basis. Currently supported identity providers include Google and Shibboleth, supporting providers such as NIH iTrust, InCommon Federation, and eduGAIN.

Metadata Service

The Gen3 metadata service provides support for arbitrary JSON blobs attached to globally unique identifiers (GUIDs). This provides a simple and flexible way to add additional, non-schema-enforced metadata into the system without the need for a fully-fledged, harmonized data model.