Gen3 - Working with the Proxy and Whitelist

Working with the proxy and whitelists

Working with the Proxy

To prevent unauthorized traffic, the Gen3 VPC utilizes a proxy. If you are using one of the custom VMs setup, there is already a line in your .bashrc file to handle traffic requests.

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=$http_proxy

Alternatively, if you have a different service or a tool that needs to call out, you can set the proxy with each command.

https_proxy= aws s3 ls s3://gen3-data/ --profile <profilename>


Additionally, to aid Gen3 Commons security, tool installation from outside sources is managed through a whitelist. If you have problems installing a tool you need for your work, contact and with a list of any sites you might wish to install tools from. After passing a security review, these can be added to the whitelist to facilitate access.